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Our professional team consists of highly experienced and skilled employees to provide you with the best and latest solutions prevailing in the current market. We first study your requirements and suggest the best solution that suits your needs. We also provide customized solutions designed exclusively for your business. 

Data Services

As your business expands to multiple locations, faster and efficient connectivity becomes inevitable. In such cases, internet functions as core medium for sending and receiving communication.


A functional internet with a good bandwidth is essential to save, retrieve, share, and backup data. A proper and effective network is essential to generate more business opportunities. A vulnerable network may cause serious issues to the business progress. 


Security cameras play different roles in different places. In places like industrial plants, security cameras are installed for observational purpose. The same are installed in banks, malls and hospitals for enhancing security and for detecting crime. Surveillance is implemented depending on the need of the industry.


Tetra communications provides a wide range of surveillance cameras with affordable price range that fulfills your security needs. Our exclusive range includes cameras with megapixel sensors, optical zoom, low light sensors, motion sensors, pan and tilt functions, Wi-Fi cameras and more. 

Voice Services

Effective communication plays an important role in every business. Tetra communication’s helps you to overcome your business challenges through its efficient voice services. We are one of the leading providers of voice services to businesses of all sizes. 


We offer products and services that take care of your entire communication needs. Our voices services include Hosted PBX, Cloud based PBX, VoIP phone system and virtual meeting solutions.

IT Consulting

With technology advancements emerging day to day, businesses should soon adapt and moveforward with them. It is this thought that help businesses to sustain in the current market trend. At Tetra communications, we help businesses to move forward. We guide them to face future challenges and anticipate them. 


Our company is specialized in adapting the latest technologies and implementing them. We have technical experts with more than 20 years of experience. Our proficient employees keep themselves up to date with all latest technologies. We have experts to help you in all IT domains.

Wireless Infrastructure

Tetra communications is one among the leading wireless infrastructure providers in the industry. Our wireless infrastructure network enables you to access corporate-wide data and applications with ease. We provide complete solutions for implementing wireless internet and intranet connectivity to all types of businesses. 


We offer a wide range of speeds that best fits your online needs. Tetra communications is specialized in providing reliable and secure internet services to our customers’.

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