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Manufacturing Industry


With ever changing customer demands, manufacturing industries are now adopting new techniques and technology solutions. This is not only to withstand in the current market but also to facilitate growth. IT offers all relevant tools to run a business in an efficient, effective and

cost-effective manner.


Tetra communications provides innovative and technology-enabled business solutions to all types of manufacturing industries. We have experience in providing solutions to various sectors like automotive, industrial, chemical, aerospace, and more. Our technical experts possess more than twenty years of experience and provide you with the best solutions.


We offer a wide range of services ranging from system design, integration, and maintenance of your entire infrastructure. Tetra communications provides one stop solution to all your data, voice, and surveillance needs. We take a complete site survey and effectively implement data, voice and surveillance applications.

High Speed Internet Access


We offer a wide range of speeds that best fits your online needs. Tetra communications is specialized in providing reliable and secure internet services to our customers’. We study our customers’ requirements thoroughly and provide flexible solutions that fit their requirements. 


Our wireless infrastructure solutions for manufacturing plant and warehouse are delivered with zero dead spots.


We also provide network connectivity to remote sites where currently no cabling exists. Connectivity provided with quick turnaround times.

Voice Services

Our voices services include Hosted PBX, Cloud based PBX, VoIP phone system and virtual meeting solutions. With our zero handoff capability, we assure to give you smooth operation of VoIP phones, handhelds, and other portable wireless devices while roaming from one warehouse to the other.


Tetra communications offers you a reliable, robust and scalable solution that meets your expectations. We help you increase the productivity of your organization and our products offer the best features in the industry.

Surviellance Services


To improve surveillance, we offer hi-tech products like cameras with megapixel sensors, optical zoom, low light sensors, motion sensors, pan and tilt functions. We give our users the privilege of accessing their security system remotely using their smart phone, tablet and personal computer. This privilege allows them to keep track of employees and monitor the workplace 

even when they are out of office.

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