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Hospitality Industry


Customer satisfaction is the most significant aspect in the hospitality industry. Customers, who are delighted with services, keep visiting again and again. One of the ideal ways to satisfy customers is to give them a tech-friendly environment. 


Today, business or casual travellers are expected to carry a minimum of three gadgets on travel. Before finding a comfortable place for stay, they mainly look into high-speed wireless connectivity for all their devices. A hotel that provides a secure and hi-speed wireless internet is preferred by many hi-tech business and casual travellers. This facility enables them to be connected with their home and office throughout their stay. 


We provide perfect solutions for your data, voice and high speed internet needs. Our network infrastructure ensures to boost up your performance without any compromise on quality. Beyond guest experience, we give your hotels a complete security system at a reasonable cost.

High Speed Internet Access


We at Tetra communications provide you secure and cost-effective Wi-Fi solutions to all types of hotels. We offer complete wireless infrastructure solutions to hotel staff and guests. Our customized portals are designed with hotel logo. We ensure that all guests are allowed to access internet only after agreeing to the terms and conditions. We give guests the privilege of selecting

between free and paid internet packages.


We ensure 100% privacy to customer’s data and secure information sharing. 

Tetra Communication can deliver free and paid internet connections to guests. 


We offer 24/7 staff and guest internet support.

Voice Services

Our voices services include Hosted PBX, Cloud based PBX, VoIP phone system and virtual meeting solutions. With our zero handoff capability, we assure to give you smooth and continuous operation of VoIP phones, handhelds, and other portable wireless devices while roaming from one place to another inside the same premises.


Tetra communications offers you a reliable, robust and scalable solution that meets your expectations. We help you increase the productivity of your organization and our products offer the best features in the industry.

Surveillance Services

To improve surveillance, we offer hi-tech products like cameras with megapixel sensors, optical zoom, low light sensors, motion sensors, pan and tilt functions. We give our users the privilege of accessing their security system remotely using their smart phone, tablet and personal computer.


We also provide scalable surveillance solutions where hundreds of HD cameras are connectedwithout any upgrade to your infrastructure. Offer 100% simple and motion detected recording using our hi-end surveillance cameras.


The recordings can be monitored live or replayed from any location and on any device.

Free To Guests TV

Our FTG services ensure connectivity to televisions in guest rooms, public areas like lobby and gym, and other private areas like conference rooms.

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